Metering Skids

Metering-skidsRail and Truck Loading Ethanol Skids

The dual rail loading skids will be able to move 600 GPM when both lines are in use or 1200 GPM when one line is operational. The single line skid truck loading skid will move 400GPM through the 4” piping system. The three systems sit upon powder coated carbon steel frames. All piping is Schedule 40 carbon steel and the system is designed for maximum operating pressure of 150lbs.

The components that make up the systems include:

Micro Motion coriolis flow meters with local display and transmitters

Accuload III batch controllermeteringskid

Pipeline strainer with air release

Firesafe butterfly isolation valves

Emergency shutoff valves with pneumatic actuators

Scully grounding units

Prover connections with double block and bleed valve

These make up the main components for the systems. Multiple other options are available that when complete make up accurate metering systems.